” Jenny’s treatment removed the terror  and sadness that haunted me from my first birth and reignited my confidence and desire for a natural birth. My second birth was a wonderfully empowering experience which wouldn’t have been possible without Jenny’s help.”

All the best,

Sara Dubale – PTSD following birth

”I think that what I would like to emphasise the most, to encourage women considering treatment, is the speed at which it works! I was amazed at what we achieved in just 2 sessions.I would never have thought it possible to feel ‘un-traumatised ‘ from my son’s birth but it certainly seems to be how I feel. A week on I am still feeling the relaxing and positive effects from the treatment. Overall I feel more peaceful in general and extremely positive and excited about my pregnancy. My husband and mum have commented on the dramatic change in my attitude now, talking to them about my next birth. I can’t thank you enough for the help that you have given me. I really hope that this is something that can be recognised across the country as a way to help other women and their babies have the amazing birth experience that they deserve”

Sarah Boulter- PTSD following birth

”One outcome that I didn’t expect was Jenny’s amazing effect on my dealing with the trauma and hurt from the past, in particular dealing with the acute grief that I still felt for the loss of the twins and the experience in the hospital the days before losing them and the emergency treatment after.

Rebecca Box – IVF patient