Brand new birth trauma resolution training courses now taking bookings!

Would you like to have the tools and techniques to help you treat birth trauma quickly and effectively, often in as little as two session?

Would you like to support maternal mental health and foster mother and baby bonding and future family relationships?

Are you looking to enhance your practice and offer a more advanced service to mothers, while earning £75 -£100 per session?

For the first time, Jenny Mullan invites you to book onto this new and exciting course – accredited by the RCM and Human Givens College.

What is trauma/PTSD?
‘’A traumatised creature lives in a private hell: hyper alert, terrorised by an invisible mental wound, helplessly in thrall to a powerful emotional memory of a life threatening event’’
Human Givens –‘The new approach to emotional health and clear thinking’

For a long time it was believed that PTSD/trauma belonged only to soldiers suffering the untold horrors of war. As our understanding of trauma grows, and our ability to diagnose it increases, it is now understood that mothers and fathers following a traumatic birth experience, can suffer from the debilitating symptoms of PTSD. Symptoms of this life crushing condition can force mothers and even fathers into a dark and unbearable time. Many report suffering flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks as they begin to withdraw from the world. They believe they are going mad and they must hide their symptoms from every one for fear that they will have their baby taken away from them. In some cases they will reject their baby as they feel that they are unable to look after them with their ability to bond greatly diminished.

We live in exciting times!!

Fast, effective treatment is now available for men and women who have PTSD/birth trauma –

This is a massive step forward to maternal mental health.

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